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QNAP TS-659 Pro II using Plex Media Server with PleXBMC client

With the help of my friend, the Plex developers and others, we managed to get PMS installed and working onto the QNAP intel NAS  :mrgreen: Plex (also known as “Plexapp” or “Plex Media Center“) is a partially open-source freeware media player for Intel-based Apple Macintosh computers. It has a 10-foot user interface design for the living-room TV. Its source code […]

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A message from Sony’s Deputy President Kazuo Hirai in regards to the PSN outage

I was quite impressed with Kazuo Hirai’s speech, how he calmly spoke about the recent attacks on the Sony Playstation network, how it affected customers, what actions are to be taken, and other freebies to be given as compensation. Seeing as how Sony lost some credibility for how they handled their customer information securely, and […]

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2011 web browser performance roundup

  There are so many browsers of choice such as, Opera, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome and etc ….. but which is the fastest ? Well apparently, Legit Reviews have recently made a roundup using the Peacekeeper benchmark tool. You can read their review here.  In summary, here is the benchmark result I feel that […]

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